Helping Afghans and Immigrant Communities Since 1996


Here you can find a list of our programs and projects.

We are currently working to add all our past and present programs and projects to this section.

Afghan Women's Breast Program Logo


Afghan Women’s Breast Health Program

Afghan Women’s Health Program is the first project of its kind to raise awareness and increase the rate of getting mammograms among first generation afghan immigrant women living in the Bay Area.



Afghan Mental Health Project

The mission of the Afghan Mental Health project is to provide and support the overall wellbeing of the Afghan community as well as dispel myths and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. This is the only collaborative prevention and early intervention project that provides culturally sensitive services in three different languages (Farsi, Pashto, and English) to individuals before they experience mental illness.


Microenterprise Project

The Afghan Coalition Microenterprise program unites the organization’s goals of social welfare strategies and economic development. We help to improve the health and financial well being of members of the Fremont Afghan community and increase
their ability to become self-sufficient contributing members of society.


Domestic Violence

The Afghan Coalition provides help to domestic violence victims and ways to get legal help and protection.


The Afghan Coalition is working to train and support our community members to be civically engaged so that they can create positive and effective change in our community.


General Services

The Afghan Coalition also provides many services that are available to the public including: Cultural Counseling, assistance with Social Services, job-hunting, translation, among others.